Frank Sudia, Selected Blog Links

How to Write Highly Cited Articles (2018) A talk by Simon DeDeo.

I Remember the 1950s and 1960s (2016) Tech notes from my childhood.

The Butter Cure: Pathway to Better Health and Longevity? (2015) Getting traction with alternative health providers. Needs updating.

Movie / Transcendence (2014) Will Super-AI wreck the world?

Three Stories for a Friend (2013) Written for a friend who was thinking of becoming a writer, but instead became a tax assessor, these 3 short, real-life vignettes draw upon my research on film script writing, which emphasizes compelling human drama.
Dot-YourCo as a Branding and Security Strategy (2012) Having your own GTLD can help combat typosquatting.

Water Challenges / Better Kidneys? (2010) 1 cite in Hawaii futures paper.

A Robot Code of Ethics? (2009) My my view that existing laws are enough.

Socially Liberal Corporate Telepresence Settlements: The Outstate Project (2008)
Ignored by Liberals, may have inspired Conservatives to decimate Rural Broadband, to preserve the rural political climate.

Bible Upanishad Parallel / Tree Idea (2007) A theological comment.

How to Go for a Walk -- A guide to creative thinking (2006) A classic essay on my thinking process.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Existential Risk and the Corpus Humana: The Case for Offsite Backup (2006)
May have influenced NASA to let anyone sign up to have their name micro-etched on a plate attached to the next Mars spacecraft, along with a few million others, visible to its camera.

Wolfram's Talk at PARC (Written 2003, blogged 2006) The road show for his book A New Kind of Science.

Book / Athenian Society & Economy: A Banking Perspective (Written 1997, blogged 2006)
A contribution to pre-Bitcoin debates on financial cryptography.

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