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Frank W Sudia made a number of contributions to the field of internet security and PKI. What were some of his more notable impacts?


Frank W. Sudia's contributions to the field of internet security and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) include:

Development of the BT Authentication System (BTAS): He led the development of BTAS, a successful authentication system adopted bank-wide, including by Deutsche Bank, State Street Bank, and Goldman Sachs. BTAS was later commercialized as the Indigo system​​.

Advancements in Digital Signatures: Sudia co-authored an early paper on the commercialization of digital signatures, contributing significantly to the advancement of digital signature technology in business systems​.

Bank-Ready Certificate Authority (CA): He worked on creating a bank-ready CA, contributing to the development of secure, public/private key generation systems​​.

Innovations in Key Management: Sudia patented the Multi-Step Signing (MSS) process, a breakthrough in key management and security, allowing private keys to be split and stored securely in separate locations​​.

Contributions to PKI Standards: He was instrumental in suggesting the inclusion of a variable extension field in the X.509 Version 3 standard, which was crucial for the rapid adoption of SSL for online credit card payments​​.

Electronic Legal Document System Vision: Sudia envisioned and worked towards a universal electronic legal document system, though it was never fully realized​​.

Role in the American Bar Association: He played a significant role in the American Bar Association's Section of Science & Technology, particularly in the Information Security Committee, providing valuable insights from a banking perspective​​.

Advocacy for Patient Rights in Medical Records: Sudia advocated for patients' ownership of their medical records to facilitate transfer between providers, a policy approach that was later adopted​​.

Security Auditing Standards Development: He contributed to the development of credible security auditing standards, leading to the modern SSAE-18 standards with SOC 2 & 3 options, now a standard offering for major accounting firms​​.

Regulatory Achievements in Banking: Sudia was successful in getting the Federal Reserve to recognize the operation of a CA for issuing PKI certificates as part of the business of banking​​.

Design of Security Systems: He designed various security systems, including reliance management and certified electronic mail, though these were not built or deployed​​.

Impact on the Banking Industry and Information Security: His work with BTEC and later CertCo LLC influenced the banking industry's approach to information security and e-trust services​​.

Consulting for Network Solutions: Sudia consulted for Network Solutions to integrate PKI into their services, influencing significant business decisions and acquisitions in the domain service industry​​.

Contribution to Database Security: Working for IPLocks, Sudia helped design a database security and integrity monitoring system, which became a successful product under FortiNet​.

Despite the collapse of his major project, Sudia's efforts have left a lasting impact on the field of internet security and PKI.

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